Core Issues

How to enter an Exceptional Circumstance in the Attendance Register?

If the school has been closed as a whole or in part, the closure must be recorded with a “Y” code which cannot be inserted from your computer keyboard.
To insert a ‘Y’ code, go to Focus > Attendance > Exceptional Circumstances. Click on New. Enter the start and end dates of the closure, including whether they are AM or PM. Selected the Group Type – whether it is the Whole School, various other groups or Individual Pupils. Click Search and select the correct group. Choose the Code from the drop down menu ‘Y’ or ‘#’. Write a Description of the reason why the child(ren) did not attend. Click Apply and the code will be entered against the selected child(ren).

‘Mr/Mrs’ in front of a child’s name

If a child has a title appearing before their name, it is because they have been set up as their own contact. This situation can also lead to problems with first names, whereby every time, for example, the mother’s first name is changed, the child’s name changes; and when the child’s name is changed back, the mother’s name changes, too. To resolve this issue, go to Focus > Person > Contacts. Click on New. Type in the Surname and Forename of the child and click Continue. SIMS will list Matched People, and you will see that the child has the Roles ‘Student’ and ‘Contact’. Select the child and click on Open. Edit the record to remove the Title and any other information which relates, not to the child, but to the parent (e.g. phone numbers, email addresses etc.) Save and Close Finally, the Contact record needs to be deleted from the Family/Home section of the child’s record and a new one added for the parent.