Broadband and Phones

Cheshire Managed Internet Service provides schools with broadband internet services for curriculum and management purposes. PSN is incorporated within our Managed Internet Service and is a wide area network which is part of the Government’s ICT Strategy to provide safer, faster and more cost effective connectivity services.

The service includes:
• Tailored, content filtering in over 25 languages to prevent the access of inappropriate websites. Ability to tailor filtering on groups. eg Office, staff, pupils
• Access to the individual schools portal for unblocking/blocking websites, safeguarding monitoring and ability to run usage reports.
• Domain name administration
• Fixed IP addresses for internally hosted systems
• A managed firewall which screens all inbound and outbound traffic. This protects schools’ computers and servers from outside hackers, penetrations, system scans and unauthorised breaches
• Inter-school network connectivity.
• Switch monitoring and configuration backup facility via Solarwinds; let us monitor your internal network
• Capacity management, usage monitoring and reporting through a variety of tools
• Access to the telephony service featuring free telephone calls to most Council offices and all other Cheshire schools that use the
service. This delivers real savings through free internal calls and cheaper local calls
• Access to the Councils’ Intranet and other hosted services
• Access to Oracle Financials (IBS) including Purchase2Pay (P2P), Income and Payments, Markview etc
• Access to Schools HR Services
• Access to the Service Desk Online where you can log calls online 24/7