SIMS – Your One Stop Solution

SIMS can help your school everyday, as it has the facility to make school life more efficient and east to manage for office staff, teachers and members if the senior leadership team (SLT)

SIMS can provide schools with the tools they need but they may not realise they had. SIMS can surprise user with how quick and easy it is to efficiently manage school life and drive improvement.

The benefits of using SIMS for all your needs:

  • Save time and money: Implementing SIMS to help you budget accurately and ensure your schools money and resources are being used to their full potential. It will allow you to work smarter by communicating more efficiently, reducing repetitive task and speeding up administration and reporting tasks.
  • Effective safeguarding: SIMS allows schools to provide a child-centered solution. That effectively safeguards and identifies emerging problems. The information SIMS delivers supports immediate targeted actions, while providing safeguarding evidence and improving pupil outcomes.
  • Prepare for inspections: SIMS can provide you all the information you need for inspections. You can quickly run reports and provide data on all areas of school performance without spending weeks preparing the information. The real-time information held within SIMS allows you to show your successes as well as areas for improvement, so your school can continually make progress.
  • Insights for school leaders: SLT need a complete picture of their school for decision-making, and analysing the progress and success of their plans and ideas. SIMS can give you real-time information that provides a picture of how your school is performing. With SIMS you’ll always trust the data you have in front of you to provide evidence and insights.
  • Create a community: Engaging and communicating with parents is a pivotal way to gain learning support which in turn helps to raise attainment. It can be difficult to send the information parents, when they need it. SIMS can helps this by the use of a parent app, text or email and there’s even a student app, helping you to build cohesion within your school community
  • Teaching and learning tools: Teachers are stretched to capacity and they often long to be given the freedom to teach without the burden of admin tasks. SIMS can help with that. From lightening the workload around taking the register to in-depth assessments and interventions, SIMS provides an easy way for teachers to get admin out the way.
  • Manage daily school life: School office staff are extremely busy people. Whether it’s answering the telephone, collecting payments for trips and lunches, booking rooms or just general admin tasks, SIMS helps by providing a solution to each and every school administration challenge. From efficient management of your finances to bringing school processes online, we’re here to make it all far easier for you.
  • Manage finances: Managing a school’s finances can be complex. SIMS can simplifies finance by providing a real-time snapshot of a schools income and outgoings in one place. This then allows a school to make the right financial decisions without spending hours drilling down to find the detail. Use SIMS to get to
  • Improve attainment: When it comes to education, every child deserves the best. SIMS will let you know when a child could achieve more at school, or when they require additional support. By collating all your pupils data in one location, SIMS can produce intuitive graphs and charts, this allowing a school to get an accurate view of attainment at a pupil, class, school or a group level.

For more information on the different modules that SIMS has to offer you can either visit the modules page within our website or you can visit Capita website on why to use SIMS.